The future starts here
Invent, Productionise, Commercialise

We are a company specialised on inventing new things, doing R&D and generating products from our discoveries and creations.

Some of our products:

  • Dropie Drops - eye dropper aid to help people who may struggle with eye drops.
  • HexaCase - A trendy pen case and pen pot in one.
  • Ruli - A ruler for highlighting with sliding motion for a full-line highlighting, accurately..
  • Wordly - software tool to improve your vocabulary while working

Some of our products in the research stage:

  • A new mask product and manufacturing method for COVID19.
  • A rugged case system with specific purpose cases and easy to mix and match so you get the right configuration. Use case: military vehicles, vehicle boots, houses, boat storage, trucking, etc.
  • An unpickable lock - because breaking in homes is way too easy for lockpickers.
  • etc.

You can access our store to check and buy products we have already releaseat You can find them in shops too.

If you're interested on keeping an eye on what's next (publicly disclosable products/inventions/systems/etc.) send us an email to [email protected]. Not all things we work on make it out but we keep the 'Updates Mailing List' up to date with what's promising, sneak peaks, etc.